Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miss Molly had a minor vet visit today. Time to install the 'if found lost or strayed please return...' chip. She had an itchy unhappy patch on her belly, time to nip that in the bud. And a little doggy spa time- nails and ears. I wanted to discuss Molly's growth and diet with her vet- 70.9 pounds of bouncy, glossy energy, does she still need to be on puppy food? Ecetera.

The lead kennel tech was excited to see us come in. I almost hated to let her down by saying Molly wasn't there to board. Our vet was being shadowed by a 4th year vet student, who made much over the dog.

Results: Vet agrees that we can take her off puppy food any time now, so long as we go to a decent quality food. Possibly something with fewer possible allergens, since she tends to be a little itchy. Vet took digital photos of the itchy unhappy patch of skin 'so we have something concrete to compare to during followup'. She'd a bit on an ear infection, a known hazard in the soft floppy eared breeds, so a tech-level cleaning was in order. The ID chip would be the work of a moment (and pays for itself in peace of mind, IMO)

Overall- happy healthy dog with some minor easily addressed issues. The vet laughed about how high energy she is and remarked on her good temper. 'Classic Golden, never met a stranger' our vet told the student 'Just a goofy lovebug.' She also mentioned Clancy, in passing but with real fondness.

I'd taken along her bag with a couple of toys in it so we could keep her occupied while we waited. Given the list we decided to leave her there for the afternoon and let them clean her ears, chip her, give her her first dose of antibiotics and ear drops, and what the heck, see if her nails need a clip. Molly, naturally, didn't even look back as she was lead away, because she knows the practice and loves them all.

We picked her up when Himself got done with work. On the way out Molly tried to make friends with a pair of orange tabby kittens in a carrier. Kittens and owner were bemused. Had a perfectly ordinary evening at home, us and the little dog.

Followed, after the puppy was put to bed, by a brief flurry of tearfulness I couldn't really understand at first. Then, oh. Right. We took the dog to the vet for something other than an annual physical, the dog has a couple of little fixable things going on and in due time we brought the dog home. No bad news, no waiting for test results, no dread. Oh brain, at least you aren't boring. Finished up by laughing at myself.

Right, that's sorted.