Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Begin the beguine

It's been nagging at me for some time (as services went to hell in That Other Place I journaled) that what I really wanted to do was a blog.

Someplace where my ramblings and ruminations were less likely to be followed or proceeded by someone else posting the interminable 'which root vegetable are you?' quizzes. (I am, as anyone who knows me can guess, the noble and under-appreciated rutabaga.) Somewhere I could discuss my own sometimes terrified reactions to the daily news. Somewhere I could post my rants and my paeans of praise.

Besides, in the procrastinating on one's novel game, 'I was working on a post for my blog' sounds far more grownup and serious that 'I was five hundred entries back on my Flist and still not caught up, but at least I know now which species my inner rodent belongs to!' Or maybe not, but don't disillusion me just yet, I haven't even got the new wore off this thing.

The freedom of knowing that a whopping three people will read this in any given week may lead me down some dangerous roads. But it will be an adventure.


Dubhain said...

On your invitation, I browsed over from that other place. The targeted advert your blog greeted me with was "Stop cat diarrea." I should probably come-up with something witty to say about that, but I think I'll just let it speak for itself....

Now to figure out how to synfeed your blog back to my f'list at that other place. So I'm a lazy geek? So what? *g*

Barbara said...

Lazy geeks rule.

Well, they would if they could be arsed to organize and overthrow the various regimes. *g*