Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bright shiny new blog, oh how I love thee.

I am the driver on this bus and I have no map. Come along for the ride, if you like. But, be told, this blog will be run on the Bright Shiny Object Management System. So, if I suddenly veer from semi-articulate discussion of my position on the Iraq war (against, by the way) to how feminism informs my urge to set fire to my television (deeply, in the event you were wondering) to what I saw at the local farmers market (yummy gorgeous food and cute dogs)- well, it will really be as if we were sitting here face to face. That's the way my mind works. I have a magpie mind and the world is full of Bright Shiny Objects.

Some days I get hooked into a news story and trawl the Internet looking for more information or the reactions of bloggers I like. (Note to self: Blog roll) Other days I read a book and discover I must now track down the rest of the author's work. Because, you know, like I need more books. Right now if we had the yard space I could put a two room addition on this house, built entirely out of books and still have enough books left over to fill them. If you are a decent life form you will not introduce me to another cool bookstore, unless you are likewise bearing a gift card.

Some days I go work out and then spend the day musing about the weird baggage American women have about their bodies. And from there I am off into the twisty maze of passages that surround food and health and size acceptance and aging. (Welcome to middle age, here is your bad back and your AARP membership.)  

Some days I am mired in the past. Some days I cannot take my eyes off the future. I'd like my flying car now, thanks. And a pony. (Well, no, probably not a pony.)
I speak and write in parentheticals. I love the Great Pacific NorthWest with the fervor of a recent immigrant. I dabble-

-well, frankly 'I dabble' is pretty much my motto. I could have won an Olympic Medal in Cross-Country Dabbling by now if I'd been more serious about training. Right now it's fiber arts and photography and messing about with an idea for a novel which are taking up most of my time.

And now blogging. I'm learning as I go. But we pretty much all are, all the time.

The blog name?

I have insomnia. Had done my whole life. But now I have the rockingest doctor in the world and she sent me to a sleep specialist. This means I can now say things like 'my in-home blood oxygenation monitoring ruled out sleep apnea', which is the sort of thing one must say to insurance companies in order to get them to pay for one's sleep medication. One must also have an actual doctor give an actual diagnosis, because 'I haven't slept in thirty years' is not medical-y enough for insurance purposes.

And my rocking sleep doctor wrote down in my records I have chronic insomnia which is (like me) 'persistent and intractable'. I told him 'that would so be the title of my blog, if I had one'. And now, I do.

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